Fiscal 2020 Integrated Report

Supporting the recovery with confidence

2. A year marked by the Covid-19 crisis

Supporting the recovery with confidence

Supporting the recovery with confidence

To reopen and feel safe in one’s work environment, at school or at a sporting event, through proven sanitary protocols and to benefit from new services that respond to new needs is a prerequisite for successful adaptation to the world’s new realities.

In creating “rise with Sodexo,” a global program to provide support to organizations based on the complementarity of On-site Services, Benefits & Rewards Services and Personal & Home Services, the Group reaffirms its mission as a privileged partner for its clients and a leader in improving quality of life in the communities it serves. It is an off er designed to respond to the safety, well-being and performance challenges that clients face. Drawing on its expertise and experience acquired in Asia, Sodexo is implementing a powerful and targeted market strategy supported by a global off er of more than 40 essential services, structured around five areas:

  • Preparing an expert risk assessment and restart process through a structured and personalized approach for the client environment.

  • Protecting people and places through a wide array of services ranging from disinfection to contactless services to ensure both the productivity and the well-being of client teams.

  • Enabling teams to perform at their best with services for both on-site and home workers with healthy and sustainable food off ers to simplify life for consumers, grab-and-go solutions, retail and digital convenience and meal cards.

  • Supporting consumer wellness and the maintenance of social links and communication.

  • Optimizing the experience according to new health needs and standards with optimized management of energy efficiency in line with Sodexo’s environmental commitments.

The “rise with Sodexo” program is being rolled out across all segments and locations worldwide. In Germany, for example, the healthcare teams have installed smart sensors to measure and manage restaurant occupancy in real time at Tübingen University hospital. In France, Sports & Leisure is offering new hybrid experiences, combining physical and connected events, to allow audiences to engage and gather safely. In the United Kingdom , Benefits & Rewards Services and On-site Services teams have combined their skills to offer Sodexo’s Employee Experience Card, a new offer combining the on-site or affiliated restaurants card with payment cards for purchasing office supplies for people working from home and gift cards to build employee loyalty and strengthen engagement.

To support the deployment of the “rise with Sodexo” program and offer its clients the guarantees necessary for a confident restart, Sodexo also launched two initiatives to boost the quality of its protocols.

A new Sodexo Medical Advisory Council, responsible for offering technical guidance and validation of health and safety protocols for its services has been set up. This governance body comprises experts from around the world in epidemiology, family medicine, nutrition, occupational and behavioral health, as well as in pandemic planning and operations.

In addition, Sodexo has partnered with Bureau Veritas to introduce a hygiene verification label that is linked to Sodexo’s procedures and services, enabling clients and consumers to resume their activity on site with peace of mind. The label covers both Facilities Management services (reception, cleaning and disinfection services, security and maintenance) and Foodservices (adaptation of Foodservices processes with social distancing, etc.).