Fiscal 2020 Universal Registration Document

4. Information on the issuer

Report to the Audit Committee

We submit a report to the Audit Committee which includes, in particular, a description of the scope of the audit and the audit program implemented, as well as the results of our audit. We also report any significant deficiencies in internal control that we have identified regarding the accounting and financial reporting procedures.

Our report to the Audit Committee includes the risks of material misstatement that, in our professional judgment, were the most significant for the audit of the financial statements and which constitute the key audit matters that we are required to describe in this report.

We also provide the Audit Committee with the declaration provided for in article 6 of Regulation (EU) No. 537/2014, confirming our independence within the meaning of the rules applicable in France, as defined in particular in articles L.822-10 to L.822-14 of the French Commercial Code and in the French Code of Ethics for Statutory Auditors. Where appropriate, we discuss any risks to our independence and the related safeguard measures with the Audit Committee.

Neuilly-sur-Seine and Paris-La Défense, Octobre 28, 2020

The statutory Auditiors

PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit

Stéphane Basset

KPMG Audit
Department of KPMG S.A.
Caroline Bruno-Diaz