Fiscal 2020 Universal Registration Document

5. Corporate governance

As of August 31, 2020, Sodexo’s Executive Committee had 20 members (including Denis Machuel), 30% women with eight different nationalities. These members are as follows:

Denis Machuel
Chief Executive Officer
Nathalie Bellon-Szabo
CEO, Sports and Leisure Worldwide, On-site Services
Cathy Desquesses
Group Chief People Officer
Johnpaul Dimech
CEO, Geographic RegionsRegion Chair, Asia Pacific, On-site Services
Sean Haley
CEO, Service Operations WorldwideRegion Chair, UK & Ireland, On-site Services
Tony Leech
CEO, Government & Agencies Worldwide, On-site Services
Satya-Christophe Menard
CEO, Schools Worldwide and Universities rest of the World, On-site Services
Sylvia Metayer
Group Chief Growth Officer
Sarosh Mistry
Region Chair, North America, On-site ServicesChair, Universities North America, On-Site ServicesCEO, Home Care Services Worldwide
Belen Moscoso Del Prado
Group Chief Digital and Innovation Officer
Sunil Nayak
CEO, Corporate Services Worldwide, On-site Services
Anna Notarianni
Region Chair, France, On-site Services
Marc Plumart
CEO, Healthcare & Seniors Worldwide, On-site Services
Marc Rolland
Group Chief Financial Officer
Dianne Salt
Group Chief Communications Officer
Didier Sandoz(1)
CEO, Personal & Home Services
Simon Seaton
CEO, Energy & Resources Worldwide
Aurélien Sonet
CEO, Benefits & Rewards Services
Bruno Vanhaelst
Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Damien Verdier(2)
Group Chief Corporate Responsibility OfficerCEO, Entegra Worldwide

(1) Following Damien Verdier’s retirement, Didier Sandoz became, as from October 1, 2020, Group’s Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer and CEO, Personal & Home Services
(2) Retired on September 30, 2020.

On September 1, 2020 the following changes took place:

  • following Damien Verdier’s retirement on October 1, 2020: 
    • Sean Haley was appointed Chairman of Entegra in parallel with his role as CEO Service Operations Worldwide,
    • Didier Sandoz, CEO Personal & Home Services, became the Group’s Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer and took over responsibility for the Stop Hunger network,
    • Johnpaul Dimech – CEO Geographic Regions and Region Chair, Asia Pacific – and Anna Notarianni – Region Chair France, were given responsibility for issues concerning Group Institutional Relations. Anna Notarianni is also now responsible for matters related to Societal Innovation;
  • since October 1, 2020, Sodexo’s Executive Committee comprises 19 members, with 32% women and eight different nationalities.

The gender diversity within the Executive Committee complies with applicable law, the recommendations set out in the AFEP-MEDEF Code and best market practices. In line with this, performance shares granted to Executive Committee members are subject, among other criteria, to a specific diversity and inclusion vesting condition aimed at promoting women to top management positions, i.e., posts reporting directly to a member of the Group Executive Committee. The targets set by the Board of Directors are for 37% of top management posts to be held by women in 2022 and 40% in 2025.

The Executive Committee is supported by a Group Investment Committee whose members comprise the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and one or more CEOs, depending on the investment projects concerned. This Committee considers and approves:

  • significant new contracts for the Group;
  • any plan to invest in property, plant and equipment or intangible assets as well as cumulative overruns of any investment budget approved at the beginning of the fiscal year;
  • any plan to invest in or acquire companies;
  • disposals of shareholdings.

The Executive Committee meets regularly in plenary meetings, and ad hoc meetings are held when required.