Fiscal 2020 Universal Registration Document


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Published by Sodexo. Design and production: Angie & Labrador. Writing: Sylvie Bréant & Wordwise. Photo credits: Jacques Grison, Magali Delporte, Matthew Noel, Marta Nascimento, P. Castano, Adrian Brooks/Imagewise, GettyImages, AdobeStock, PeopleImages, Martin Lee, Hero Images, Violeta Stoimenova, Colas Isnard, iStock, Stop Hunger Brasil, Martin Alazard, Taechit Taechamanodom, Sherif Scouri, Steve Cole, Martin-dm, LukaTDB, Nico Case Dietrich, Aurélien Bergot, Gregoire Korganow, Louis David, David Levenson, FlamingoImages, Médiathèque Sodexo, droits réservés. Printing: Labrador. This document is printed in France by an Imprim’Vert certifi ed printer, on PEFC certifi ed paper produced from sustainably managed forest.