Fiscal 2022 Integrated Report


For some it’s just a canteen meal, just a few leftovers, just a day job.

For us it’s a healthy child, a battle to reduce food waste, the start of a career.

What others see as trivial, we see as essential. Because we know that it is precisely by focusing on the concrete, on the tangible, on the everyday that we make a real difference not only to a person’s day but, in the long run, to the lives of all and the planet.

From day 1, our focus has been the everyday. Conscious of the enormous difference everyday actions make when you multiply them by the millions of people we care about, all over the world, day in and day out and through the years, we embrace our responsibilities and strive to make everything we do today as positive and impactful as we can for tomorrow.

Making the delicious nutritious. Giving opportunities to those who have never been given a chance. Caring about communities, and about the individuals within. Acting for the planet. Making the most of today for tomorrow.

Rooted in our humanist values and committed to go further:

at Sodexo, our purpose is to create a better everyday for everyone to build a better life for all.